Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre is a natural game reserve on the Lekki Peninsula just opposite Chevron Garden. It is very close to the Lekki Lagoon and Lagos Lagoon, thus, serving as a habitat to numerous animals.
Arrival at the Conservation Centre

The first thing we noticed on arrival was the numerous monkeys at the relaxation point. They were so many that they outnumbered the humans there…..That’s their home though, we were the strangers. They came near and we gave them some food before we got on our way. We even got to experience how monkeys fight… So Humanlike…
Going further, we were directed to the ticket unit where we got our entrance and canopy walkway ticket. The entrance ticket itself is a thousand Naira while the Canopy walkway is for an additional fee but it isn’t a must, it’s a choice. PS only cash payment is accepted.

Right outside the ticket house, there was a very large tortoise roaming… Yes, Large, not big… it is the largest one I’ve ever seen. We were all marvelled as it did not even struggle nor run, it only went about its business despite seeing people around. Though it was the only animal we got to see apart from the monkeys and tilapia fishes, however, it was said that there are various other species of animals there but we only got to see that because most of them either come out very early in the morning or very late at night.

Waiting in a hall for our own turn of the tour, a tour guide came to state the do’s and don’ts of the conservation centre before leading us into the game reserve

Oh my! it was so thrilling. Initially, we thought it was so easy judging by the facial expressions of people ahead of us. However, as it was described by a colleague, it was “scarily adventurous”…
It’s a walkway with six stages and five resting points, and with each resting point, the walkway goes higher up to the 4th stage. The sixth stage of the walkway leads to a picnic centre where the tilapia fish pond and lots of family-friendly games lie. The Lekki Conservation Centre Walkway is the longest in Africa.

Make sure to put on comfy wear and a very comfortable shoe. Preferably, Sneakers or flat shoes. Heels are just a NO NO for ladies Bring along your drinks and eatables as it is not easy sighting vendors there If you are scared of heights, kindly avoid the Canopy Walkway It is advisable to come with friends or family members, that way, it will be more fun. Avoid taking eatables into the walkway. Monkeys can easily snatch them away