Life in Lagos

Lagos is one of the most vibrant cities in Nigeria, if you are one to love night activities and crave for the freedom it comes with, then Lagos Nigeria is a MUST VISIT for you!!

Lagosians party, hang out and relax as hard as they work, regardless of the hustle and bustle of the day, Nigerians still make their way to relaxation and entertainment centers for some time out after a long day. Some major cities like Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin City, Enugu, and the likes have really interesting Night life’s, but none can be compared to the extraordinary Nightlife of the City Of Lagos.

Lagos, though a small city in terms of size is the largest market Hub and one of the most populated cities in West Africa. Lagos was at one time the capital of Nigeria before it was changed to Abuja. It is now home to some of the locals and many investors from all over the world. The Igbos, Yoruba’s, Hausas, and other ethnic groups as well as foreigners have come to call Lagos Home.

With its fast-growing economy, you can imagine what the hustle is like in Lagos, the financial center of West Africa and yet Lagosians still find some time to relax and enjoy themselves as hard as they work. You really should see the night come alive in Lagos, especially during the weekends.

Some Lagosians go out with their families to enjoy the evening, while some others just hang out with friends and colleagues after work. The Cinemas tends to get so full-on days like Fridays, Saturdays, and even Sundays.

No matter how bad your day might have been, in Lagos, you will still find little things to talk, joke and laugh about, it could either be on a public bus, in a mall or even on the streets. In Lagos, Fast food Restaurants do not stay open for so late unlike some “beer and pepper soup Parlors” (as Africans would call them; the soup is really spicy and hot. It is mostly enjoyed with catfish or goat meat. Ensure that you have a taste of either of these combinations with a cold bottle of beer when you visit Nigeria.

You can take advantage of the lively nightlife which is common and consistent in Nigeria, especially when you find yourself in the City of Lagos, It sure promises to be one of the precious memories you’d get to keep from your visit to Nigeria.

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