Tourist Destination

Nigeria is the Go-To place for you if you are looking for perfect tourist destination . From her natural sites of attraction like the ZUMA ROCK and THE ASO ROCK in Abuja; (which is the prestigious capital city of Nigeria) to her rich art displays like the ones you find at the “Nike Art Gallery”.

I won’t leave out the vibrant nightlife in some of The Big Cities in Nigeria. For instance, the’ NEW AFRIKA SHRINE’, built in commemoration of the African Fuji Legend; Fela KUTI to reflect his philosophical views, values, believes and lifestyle. The ‘New African Shrine’ also known as the ‘FELA KUTI SHRINE’ is an open entertainment center in the heart of Lagos State, Nigeria. It hosts the annual Felabration Music Festivals.

Have I mentioned the famous local Nigerian drink? Palm wine. This natural drink is extracted from palm trees and processed by the locals in some villages in Nigeria. The Yankari Game Reserve also offers a lifetime experience, the Game reserve is the natural habitat of the largest herd of elephants in West Africa, as well as other unique animal species like the Olive Baboon, the Pates Monkeys, Western Hartebeest, Roan Antelopes and more.

A visit to the Yankari Game Reserve is incomplete if you don’t enjoy the warmth and feel of relaxation at the’ WIKKI WARM SPRING’ in the Game Reserve. I could go on and on about our beautiful country Nigeria, but nothing pays better than you coming to see and feel for yourself the Wholesomeness of Nigeria. Nigeria is one of the most visited countries in West Africa. She is known for her warm weather and accommodating people.

When coming, it is advisable that you enlist the services of a travel agent in Nigeria, just for light precautions and a smooth, not stressful exploration in NIGERIA. For 10 years now, with detailed competency, Royalties Tours has managed travel Itineraries, hotel accommodation reservations, ticket bookings, tour guide services, and ‘Visas on Arrival’ for TOURISTS coming to Nigeria.

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